Why Choose Hydroseeding Services
with Premier Hydroseed

  • lawn fertilizer service,hydro seeding,hydroseeding cost

    One of the best ways to transform your yard is with a lush green lawn. If you’ve been looking into the different methods of planting grass, you’re likely familiar with sod, hydroseeding, and dry seeding as ways to achieve a flourishing lawn.

  • lawn fertilizer service,hydro seeding,hydroseeding cost

    Hydroseeding offers many advantages over other methods. For starters, it’s more convenient, as the seed solution is sprayed on and requires little in terms of startup maintenance. It’s also more cost-effective, less labor-intensive than laying sod, and more efficient than traditional dry seeding.

  • lawn fertilizer service,hydro seeding,hydroseeding cost

    With our hydroseed process, you’ll have more customization when it comes to seed blends. This allows for greater personalization and provides greater disease resistance, as different seeds have different tolerance against pests and weather conditions.

  • lawn fertilizer service,hydro seeding,hydroseeding cost

    Utilizing hydroseed can also prevent soil erosion, as the slurry of seeds, fertilizer, and mulch can take hold better than dry seeding. Plus, once the seeds sprout, they’ll give your lawn a more uniform appearance.

  • lawn fertilizer service,hydro seeding,hydroseeding cost

    At Premier Hydroseed, we’re focused on providing top-notch services. When you work with us, you’ll enjoy our service-oriented approach, efficient application process, and the reliability that comes with our guarantee. We’re able to come out quickly, so you can get a jumpstart on reveling in your newly verdant haven.

Our Process

Premier Hydroseed employs an innovative approach to hydroseeding. Our process is efficient, utilizing the best tools in the industry to effectively apply hydroseed to your yard, so that you can enjoy a greener lawn faster than alternative methods.

Step 1: Consultation

When you make a call to Premier Hydroseed, we’ll take the time to learn more about your lawn goals and develop a plan for the best course of action. After the call, we’ll visit your property and analyze your yard’s soil type, climate, and usage. From there, we’ll provide a quote outlining the options, hydroseeding cost, and service schedule.

Step 2: Treatment

We’ll arrive as scheduled to treat your yard with our proprietary slurry of mulch, fertilizer, and a blend of grass seeds that’ll be sprayed on the determined treatment areas. With our Next Day Service Guarantee, weather permitting, we’ll be at your property within 24 hours guaranteed to hydroseed your grass.

Step 3: Maintenance

Once the treatment has been applied, you’ll need to maintain moisture levels to ensure productive grass growth. Watering your lawn two or three times a day for the first few weeks helps keep the compound moist and encourages fuller grass growth. By about day seven to ten, you should see grass sprouting, depending on the type of grass seeds we applied. After a few weeks, you’ll be able to water less frequently, and by about four weeks, the grass should be long enough to require mowing.

Step 4: Enjoy

Our professional lawn fertilizer service is designed to give you robust, established grass in no time. And with the Premier Hydroseed guarantee, you’ll have the peace of mind that your lawn will look great for years to come.

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